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If you are selling digital products online, leaving your download or thank you page unprotected could be a bad decision that may cost you a lot of money.

If you are not protecting your download or thank you page, it can be easily accessed by Google search.

… and /or your download link could be shared across ton of Blackhat sites.

Fortunately, there are ways to prevent this. Although nothing is 100% secure. You can make things more difficult to those, who try to share or get free access to your work.

From the Desk of

Dear Internet Entrepreneur,

We understand the effort you put into creating your products. Long hours, sleepless nights, and all the hard work you have put into creating amazing training and software that will help your customers with what they are trying to accomplish.

Now it’s time to protect the valuable asset you have created.

The fact is, all your efforts are for nothing, if anyone can quickly find and download your product easily WITHOUT PAYING YOU A DIME!!!

But there is a simple solution. A quality solution that is easily and effortlessly implemented. One that integrates with all the major platforms and can have ANY WordPress page SAFE and SECURE for you in mere seconds!


WP Secure ThankYou Page is a plugin (for WordPress) that allow you to instantly secure your Download or Thank You pages, with Just a Few Clicks.

And you can instantly use it with any sales platform of your choice :

  • WarriorPlus,
  • JVZoo,
  • Clickbank,
  • Paypal or any other.

Just follow some simple steps and you are ready to go.

How It Helped Us to

You can mark difference between Yesterday and Today sales.

We use this plugin, the product download page link which was available in search Engine and sharing sites are blocked in just few clicks and the sale was increased by nearly 61% next day.

No Need to Pay to Membership Plugins Anymore

Integrates with Any

Protect any WordPress Page/Post in

How It

Right after someone has purchased your product, the platform will redirect to the Download Page ( which will include your security key).

The plugin will detect the key from the URL and set it in the browser cookie + it will automatically remove the key from the URL.

The cookie will let the user get instant access to your Download Page. If your page is shared to other people, they won’t be able to access the download page because they are not cookied by this plugin before.

  • Easy for You and your Customer
  • Work with Any Platform (JVZoo, WarriorPlus, Clickbank, Paypal etc...)
  • Protect your Download Pages in Minute.
  • No Complex Things (No IPIN Settings etc.)
  • LightWeight (Doesn't Slow down your Site)
  • Use it to Protect Unlimited WordPress Pages or Posts.

Secure Your Copy Today at an Awesome Price.

Secure your Download/ThankYou Page today and stop losing money.


No Recurring Payment


Our 100% Money Back Guarantee!

If you have any trouble using the WP Secure Thank You Page plugin and we fail to help you resolve the issue, we’ll give you 100% of your money back if you ask within 14 days of your purchase. We don’t offer a no questions asked refund so please provide a genuine reason and show us proof that you did everything we told you to do before asking for a refund. Refunds are for technical issues only and only if we are unable to solve the problem that you reported. Other than that all sales are considered Final. Please read the sales page carefully before making a purchase. Refund processing can take up to 10 days and filing a dispute without contacting us first will make this guarantee null and void.

Disclaimer: As the FTC Rules Require, We Don’t Guarantee or Imply That By Using This Plugin
You Will Get Rich or Make Money At All. We’re Not Responsible For The Way You Use This Plugin.

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